Say a Great Big Goodbye to the Rhinos

The Goodbye Rhinos event – from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th October - provides people with one last chance to catch up with the Great Big Rhinos before the all-important charity auction on 3rd November.

There will be life-size painted rhinos outside the public entrance, in the ticket hall and the Zoo restaurant and arranged in a row along the main drive. They will be installed on Thursday 13th and removed from early on Monday 17th October.

Another star of the weekend will be Techno Rhino, created by a team led by staff from the Met Office in Exeter. This rhino has a panel of LED lights that can be controlled remotely by an iPad or by Twitter. It will be on display for part of Sunday in the Savannah Room, with Met Office people on hand to explain how it works.

In addition, there will be a pop-up shop selling Great Big Rhino souvenirs, as well as badge-making, colouring-in and paint your own rhino activities.

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Published: 27th Sep

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

The Great Big Rhino Project has come to an end with a successful charity auction that raised £123,000.

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