Artist: Miss*C - Cleo Heard
Sponsor: Radio Exe

The inspiration behind ‘Targeted’ was learning that all of our five rhino species are threatened by extinction. Covering ‘Targeted’ in targets was a very dramatic way of drawing attention to the plight of these wonderful animals being killed for their horns, which are highly prized in traditional Oriental medicine.

About the artist
Hailing from London, Miss*C is an urban community artist who has spent more than six years teaching graffiti techniques to others, both within the UK and internationally. She is a qualified Bronze and Silver Arts Awards Advisor and has a First Class Honours in both a ‘Community Arts and the Environment’ fDa and a Fine Art BA (Hons).

Miss*C was one of the artists selected for Paignton Zoo’s previous Great Gorillas Project in 2013, painting one of 30 gorillas – ‘Bananarilla’. She later painted another gorilla a ‘Penguilla’ as an additional commission from the Zoo’s sister zoo and aquarium Living Coasts.

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

The Great Big Rhino Project has come to an end with a successful charity auction that raised £123,000.

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