Artist: Jackie Kidd
Sponsor: Paignton Zoo, Visit South Devon, English Riviera & Visit Exeter
Location: Paddingtion Station, London

I'm not part of the competition, but that doesn't mean you can't find me!

Paignton Zoo

Visit South Devon

Visit Exeter

English Riviera

The design has been inspired by the 1950s railway poster art. The illustration highlights areas in South Devon where the Great Big Rhinos will be situated and focuses on the area’s natural beauty and landmarks. London Paddington Station is one of the gateways to the southwest by rail and the rhino’s name has been influenced by George Stephenson – known as the ‘father of railways’ in the 1800s. Amongst many of his great railway inventions he had the foresight to instigate one size of gauge for tracks knowing that one day they would all be interconnected.

PLEASE NOTE: Don't worry if you don't get to see George during the Trail; he will be at Paignton Zoo outside the main entrance for a short time before the Auction.

About the artist
Jackie studied Design at Ware College in Hertfordshire in the late eighties and continued working in Graphic Design studios in London before travelling and settling down to have a family. She has been involved in many projects over the years which have included commissions for wildlife paintings, Murals and working for a greetings card company. After completing a Degree in Environmental Education three years ago and working for a range of environmental organisations Jackie now works as a Graphic Artist at Paignton Zoo. This has given her many opportunities to build on her creativity one of which has included ‘PEG’ a Gorilla that went on an Antarctic expedition for the ‘Great Gorilla Project’ highlighting climate change. 

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

The Great Big Rhino Project has come to an end with a successful charity auction that raised £123,000.

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