Artist: Cori Wright
Sponsor: Paignton Zoo

Herby’s design portrays the natural habitat of the rhinos, being grassland, savannah and forest. The loss of these habitats due to humans’ need for more space for urbanisation, development and agriculture leads to further threat to the rhinos, alongside their biggest threat, poaching. The extinction of an animal has a knock on effect, tipping the balance to effect the entire ecosystem. 

About the artist
Cori is currently studying illustration at Bristol UWE. Predominantly working in acrylic, she creates large scale highly patterned and colourful paintings inspired by South American and Asian cultures. Through using imagery of plants, animals and geometric patterns, Cori wishes to portray the importance of man’s connection with nature and spirit.

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

Great Big Rhinos finish on a high

The Great Big Rhino Project has come to an end with a successful charity auction that raised £123,000.

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